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Fantasy Photos

Desiree DOLRON – Painterly Portrait.

Gemmy WOUD-BINNENDIJK – Painterly Portrait.

Magdalena NIZIOL – Beauty photo

Jhoebe GARCIA – Boudoir photo

Tony CLAP – Boudoir photo

Bruno BIRKHOFER – Fine Art Nude

Fantasy Photos

Fantasy photos are personal projects of Emmanuel. For those projects he works with photo-models in a photo-studio environment. In a photo-studio the photographer can manipulate the various aspects of the photo shoot, as he is in control of the settings himself. At national festivals or events, the photographer can only picture what he observes, as he has no say in the settings. In that, the studio is so to speak a playground to try out ideas and fantasies. To give an idea of what is meant by the wording ‘fantasy photos’ this page shows some photos taken by Emmanuel’s favorite photographers.


The photographers are:

  • Desiree DOLRON
  • Magdalena NIZIOL
  • Jhoebe GARCIA
  • Tony CLAPP


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